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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

5:14PM - Happy Tuesday Flycrazies!

Just thought I'd pop in and se how everyone was doing.
I had a great week last week but barely survived the weekend. I am trying to be more social which led to a concert in LA Friday. Meaning VERY late night, try 5:30 AM, and totally crashing Saturday. But Sunday wasn't bad. Laundry took a hit but I am determined to conquer it tonight AND get some zone work done.

I also FINALLY started my new paper journal last night. I find my paper journal so important to managing the bipolar. It seems to help me realease my angst and make a plan for my life.
It is also helpful in exploring my spiritual life, which I tend to neglect on downswings.

Other than LJ does anyone else have other journal, creative etc type outlets?

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

1:31PM - What have you done right?

So this is an idea that I got from another site that I used to post. It is meant to help us focus on the positive things we are doing and not the goals we are falling short of. So please post what you have done right here to both celebrate your victory and help encourage others.

WIDRT (What I Did Right Today):
1. Got up with my alarm
2. Morning routine including Swish & Swipe
3. A whole laod of laudry plus another in the
machine started.
4. Finish empting the sink into dishwasher & washed
the pots and pans.

1. Folded ALL my accumulated laudry and got the
dirty into the hamper.
2. Thanked DH for picking up the Living Room on his
day off.
3. Started 2 loads of laundry.
4. Began research of renewing my spirituality.

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Monday, October 9, 2006

10:44AM - Fresh Start

So this week I am renewing commitments to myself. In the front of my head I know what is good for me and what isn't. What enriches my life and what robs it.

Things that are enriching:
seeking relationships
wholesome food
spiritual growth

Things that drag me down:
junk food
embracing depression (bizarre I know but I do this all the time)

So my goal for this week are going to be pretty basic. (baby Steps)

1. Take control of what I put into my body
2. Focus on developing my routines
3. Seek out one new social outlet

Thursday, September 7, 2006

10:05AM - Why I Love FlyLady...

I love feeling in control of my life.  I love feeling that things are going smoothly, that my time will cover everything that I need to do and that there is no great rush.  It's kind of an addictive feeling... once I've felt it once I want that peace in all areas of my life.  The easiest way that I've found to achieve that is to implement routines in my life that help me to take care of all of the things that need to get done.  Routines help me to keep my house tidy, they also help me to keep up with my uni work, eat three times a day (something I'm terrible at on my own), have time for socialising with friends and family, get myself to work on time, and have enough sleep each night.  They're freeing up my time and although that can be scary at times -- sometimes I'm petrified by the thought of having free time and nothing to fill it -- ultimately it helps me by decreasing my stress and my episodes of depression.

What has FlyLady and routines brought into your life?

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Friday, August 4, 2006


Hi- I'm looking for a SHE/FLY girl that can help me with accountibility for a week or two.

I've hit a point where I'm totally broken down and I can't even delegate to my family.. because I'm here by myself packing the house before the move.

I've beaten myself to a quivering pulp over this and I need some outside party to help me break this task down and keep me accountible. I finally realized that I need someone's help when I started hearing the negative talk get self-destructive.

I don't want to feel shame when my husband and inlaws come friday with the moving truck.

Any takers? I'd be willing to work by email/lj/cell phone.

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Sunday, June 18, 2006


I have been struggling with depression again. Very low at times. Lost and hopeless.

Slowly, as I work my back to sanity and clarity I realise yet again that the Flylady principles MUST become part of my life. Part of my recovery.

Funny how I deny and deny and deny that it needs to be that way. Just as I denied and denied and denied my depression and eating disorder for so many years.

Well I have embraced the fact that I have depression and it will always be with me. I have strategies in place to deal with it as best I can.

I have embraced the fact that I have an eating disorder and also have strategies in place to live with that.

But it's only in the last few weeks as I have once again battled both of those demons that I finally acknowledge that the state of my home has a direct and powerful impact on my mental and emotional state, and the Flylady system is the only strategy that having worked for me in the past must be once again be embraced as a part of my recovery.

My name is Vanessa and I am a hopeless housekeeper.
Hooray for Flylady and the Flycrazies!

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

6:03PM - I shined my sink this week

I had a spot in my calendar for Tuesday that said "Shiny Sink Anniversary". I didn't reshine it to perfect flylady specifications on Tuesday because I was having a serious issue with my bipolar disorder that day. But the next day, I got it done. I hadn't actually had "shiny sink evenings" in quite some time, though I really try to keep the dishes from getting out of control. I used to live such that my sink would be full of dishes until I was out of pots and pans and the sink was starting to smell with the old food waste, and it would become really dirty because even once I cleaned the dishes up it would be really hard to clean well. But upon starting my relationship with flylady, I never again had dishes that just sat in my sink (I keep them on the counter next to it when they do pile up). Usually those dishes get done every day, or every other day.

With very little effort this past year, my sink has maintained a sanitary and clean, if not completely shiny, appearance.

Why do I admit to NOT following Flylady's quite specific instruction to end each night with a shiny sink? Because I do what works for me, still following the SPIRIT of flylady, and it makes my life better. I just shined that sink with the whole bleach thing and knife in the edges, scouring out all the imperfections, and I had not had to come even close to having to put forth that much effort for an entire year in order to keep the sink good enough for my family and even good enough for company to see.

I still make my bed every single morning before leaving the house, usually before even doing any other thing in the day.

I have dinner prepared for my family much more often than ever before in my life because I ask myself, "What's for dinner?". When I have days/weeks/months where I ask myself that, our entire day goes much more smoothly. This hasn't happened recently, as I've been working through some rapid cycling issues that included depression, but never before in my life has it happened to such a degree.

The clutter is still bad, the laundry often gets out of hand, and the bathrooms. Don't even get me started on the bathrooms. Worse than a gas station :P

But my husband and I don't climb over piles in the bedroom because you can do anything for 15 minutes. If the piles cause a problem with walking or with safety, I just set a timer and it motivates me to get it done. Usually it takes more than 15 minutes, but not by much. I can tell by now, unconsciously, what about 15 minutes of cleaning up is, and so I sort of just do it before it will go much over that. Same with other rooms that start to bother me.

I use a calendar for all my appointments and mom taxi needs and times with friends. I did that only sporadically prior to Flylady explaining the importance to me.

I hope by my next shiny sink anniversary that I've added even more organization skills into my psyche such that I have improved the way I care for my home, my family, and myself.

Thanks, Flylady. You're the bomb. Even if I still don't have a control journal because I keep trying to do it exactly the way you say not to ;)

Monday, April 17, 2006

8:32PM - New chat for flyers: no invitations or registration needed

The URL is: http://www.snmakeham.com/flychat/chat

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

12:27PM - last two weeks

I mowed the back lawn the Monday of two weeks ago - VERY long
grass! - and put the flyscreen door back (a couple of months ago its
screws had pulled out of their holes).
Friday - returned a book to the library in another suburb.
- dropped off the form for profession development at the music
- banked 2 cheques
- picked up some cardboard boxes from the supermarket (for putting
stuff in, to get it off the floor. It will add to my many boxes of
- shopped, including eggs and vegemite
- faxed form for withdrawing from course at Chisholm college of
Technical and Further Education, because I will be doing the course
at Swinburne

Saturday I boiled some eggs for the shared lunch at the yoga centre.
Sunday I began drafting a letter requesting to undertake a
student placement with the Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia,
the placement being for the Diploma of Community Development which I
am doing at Swinburne college of TAFE.
Monday morning last week I finished off that letter. Then in the
evening while watching TV I got the things ready that I will need
tomorrow and yesterday, and put the other junk on the living room
floor into a box - so at least I will better know where to find the
things later, rather than if I had done what I usually do - leave
them on the floor and then hurriedly dump them into another room
amongst all the other mess on the floor in that room, to clear the
living room ready for a student. I have been watching too much TV
lately though - perhaps I will buy a DVD player soon, because if I
can tape things just IN CASE I want to watch them another time, I
will probably spend less time viewing:) Then I shopped for
groceries - in itself a good achievement for me! So this week I have
been eating a bit better than usual.

Then on Thursday I made a to-do list which I posted here in LJ. On Friday I
completed six items on the list. Five were very small: the letter,
phoning VUT, phoning David, phoning the prospective student and
paying the mastercard. The other one was I put the semester 1
planner from college up on the wall, and copied all the info from my
calender onto it. A slow job, because it being me, I kept losing
concentration, even though it was just copying. I haven't added the
assignments for the diploma yet, but they are a way off. I'll get
the cert. III assignment out of the way first. Also on Friday
morning phoned and left a voicemail message for a student to see
whether they are coming for a lesson tomorrow, cooked up some diced
lamb, sent off the agreement form for a survey which involves using
a barcode scanner on groceries, set up the scanner, and then I put
all the stuff off the living room into a box - just one box it's
true, and piled high because it's just a flat fruit box, but that's
much better than letting the stuff get mixed up with the other stuff
in the house. So having been alerted to the fact of my needing more
boxes already (I think the last lot was just on monday), I went
shopping (bought a whole lot of fruit, since it doesn't need to be
cooked - a good baby step towards healthy eating) as an opportunity
to pick up some more empty boxes. I scanned the groceries for the
survey - it was quite a slow process, but I will probably get
quicker at it. It includes having to type in the price for each
item, and for the items without bar codes, adding up the total spent
on each category of produce e.g. stone fruit.

Saturday I washed some of the fruit and salad items to take to the
yoga centre, as well as some more (freshly)boiled eggs.

Sunday I made enquiries about the DVD recorders on special, and I
got together the documents to send to Chisholm TAFE so as to get a
refund. I also looked on the internet for possible organisations to
apply to do a student placement (in the Diploma of Community
Development), marking the websites as favorites (for the
organisations which had websites) and printed out a (very long)
index of organisations relating to mental health from the original reference site.
Monday I went through the printed-out index and marked which organisations had websites, which website corresponded with which organisation, and some extra details for a couple of the organisations.
Yesterday (Tuesday) I went through a number of the websites I had marked as favorites, and wrote down the contact details for those which looked as if they were what I was looking for, for doing a student placement. Some of them were not specifically mental health sites: some were for homeless people and some were for youth, but they might be very good orgs for me to do a placement with. They were listed in the mental health index because they deal with mental health issues among other things. Also bought a DVD recorder which was on a very cheap special. It didn't hook up with my TV though, so a friend of mine is going to look for a cheap 2nd hand TV, he will get one for me if there is a cheap one near to where he lives. (I wasn't confident myself in knowing whether I would be choosing right, if I were to look for a second-hand one myself.)

It is now 2:04 P.M. Wednesday. I am continuing with looking through the websites. Last week's assignment was to draft a letter requesting to do a student placement at a given organisation, so my next step will be to make any necessary adjustments according to which organisation it is. I have been for a walk/jog in the park (and have stretched afterwards), and emailed my updated resume to a Human Resources Consultant.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

4:52PM - A Couple of Cooking Tips

First of all, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting more. I have enjoyed reading everyone's intros and am surprised (though I probably shouldn't be) at how much our little group is growing. I am bodhichitta0 my friends call me T and I belong to flycrazies because when I am depressed, even mildly, it is v. hard for me to do anything with the house and to do the stuff I need to do with the kids and you know, that's my job right now. :-)

shanaeden suggested I put a couple of ideas up here about dinner time. This is a hard time of the day for me even on a "normal" day with homework to check and dinner to cook and at least once a week some activity to go to. Budget and physical health are two very good reasons why we *try* to make eating out the occasional treat. Anyway, here's a few tips that have been helpful for me on the days when dinner just seems like too much of an effort. I hope they are helpful.

Tip One--On a day you are feeling really good and together (this is usually a Sunday afternoon for me) brown your ground beef/turkey/chicken (whatever your family likes) ahead of time and then stick it in the freezer in dinner-sized increments (for us, that is one pound). On one of the bad/hectic nights take out a package and microwave it. You then have quick done meat for spaghetti, tacos, sloppy joes, etc.

Tip Two--Cook more pasta then you need one night. The next night add tuna (or other canned or leftover meat) and veggies (thawed frozen ones) work. Add mayo or any type of salad dressing, nuts, shredded cheese, whatever you and your family like. Makes a quick and good pasta salad.

Tip Three--Like the flylady always says--use that slowcooker. When things are really a struggle most of the time I can still put in a three or four pound chicken in the slow cooker and dump a jar of BBQ sauce over it and cook all day. Serve on sandwiches, or just as plain BBQ chicken.

Anway, hope some of those help for those of you equally dinner-time challenged as myself. :-)

Sunday, January 22, 2006


I honestly believe that without Flylady and her system I would be living in physical and emotional chaos.

I've been doing flylady on and off for about 3 years now. When other aspects of my life seem to be spiralling out of control, I know I can maintain some control at home with my timer and my housework. Being able to do something constructive in an ordered way is very calming. I can do anything for 15mins.
I suffer from Binge Eating Disorder, specifically compulsive over-eating (coe). When I am in the grip of my coe, life can become very confusing, depressing, scary. I disassociate from life. Flylady and the daily emails gives me a list of things I need to accomplish.

I especially like the fact that they are always achieveable. I never feel pressured or overwhelmed by a task (which can trigger my coe), and I feel encouraged and supported by a team of people I don't know.

I used to hate housework because it always turned into a great opportunity for my mother to take out her frustrations on me. So, I was constantly told how useless and lazy I was, and nothing ever, ever met the standard she expected.
Flylady never makes me feel that way.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I certainly seem to be on a roll at the moment! On Sunday I did 8 x 6 mins tidying, 17 X 7 mins and 1 x 8 mins. I will keep increasing the length of time. Just now I have done 2 x 8 mins.

12:30AM - Introduction


I thought I'd introduce myself to this list. I live in Sydney, Australia, and have been suffering from depression on and off for a large part of my life. Last year, I was diagnosed with acute depression and disthymia, and have been undergoing psychotherapy and treatment with anti-depressants since then. The good news is that I'm off the anti-depressants as of last week (and that's a major achievement) and the psychotherapy is making good progress, alhtough I am definitely not out of the woods.

I have realised for some time that a huge part of my problem was feeling overwhelmed by the enormous amount of work that I always, always had to do. This wasn't helped by having an extremely stressful job and a part-time PhD that had been dragging on forever, but I also realised that a large part of the feeling was generated by not being able to just do the thing that I needed to do - whether it was to write, or sleep or go to work or whatever, because first I always had to clear a path to it, and find whatever tools I needed, or find some clean clothes and iron them etc. All of that was producing enormous stress levels. A friend mentioned flylady to me, and said that it was a system that said you only have to do things for 15 minutes at a time. So, I googled and here we all are. I've come a long way, and I've got a long way to go, but I can definitely see the improvements - the stickers on my calendar for a start. And it's getting better, and I'm getting better.

One of the things that finally dawned on me after years of hearing therapists talk about self-esteem and self worth, and how I somehow magically needed to find it within myself but not really having a clue, is that 'love is a verb'. I don't know how to sit in a corner and meditate until I feel better about myself, but the act of doing my washing up for 15 minutes is a really powerful way of saying that I'm worth doing something for myself, and I have the tangible proof of it to look at later.

The superflinging is really helping my state of mind. I finally convinced myself on Saturday that I did not need 5 sets of sheets plus several more sheets that weren't in sets for my one double bed and a spare mattress that gets used maybe once or twice a year. So, I've kept three 'good' sets, plus one 'spare' set with a note on it to say that if I haven't needed it in a year I have to throw it out (dated). Lo and behold, folding the washing and putting it away was much less stressful because I didn't have to struggle to fit the sheet sets into the drawer where they live, and I had a really nice feeling seeing the three fitted sheets rolled up next to the pile of flat sheets and pile of pillowcases, all looking neat and not chaotic and realising that actually, I do have enough sheets, even if something goes wrong. Woohoo!

I'm looking forward to talking to a group of people who are going on a similar journey, and to hear your stories of what works for you. Happy flying!

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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Getting back into it after a week off.... just did 8 x 6 mins tidying. I have changed the 5 mins into 6 mins, and may keep gradually increasing it:)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

11:55AM - I'm new

I am new to this group, so I will do an intro. I am Carrie a 27 year old mother of three. I am a SAHM and a homeschooling mom. I have OCD(Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder), so I am always either obsessd with something or I am depressed about it to the point of compulsive behavior. I have been doing Flylady for about 3 years now. I don't always keep up but I am doing pretty good right now.

My problem with Flylady is my OCD, when I turn my attention to something I really become obsessed with it. Right now I am trying to clean my house without becoming obsessed with it. This is very hard for me. I have a very hard time doing very well at more than one thing at a time.

Exsample: My house is in order, but I have not schooled the kids in 3 weeks...ugh.

I joined this list so I can find others who at least know how hard it is do keep your house going with a mental disorder.

thanks for having me!


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

6:20PM - Question about diet and bipolar

I have heard that people with bipolar disorder have found some significant relief just by changing their diet?

Does anyone know anything about this? Is there actual medical documentation to support this theory?

Sorry if this isn't the place to post this question. Just let me know and I'll delete.

Thank you

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

9:27PM - update

I've started getting into the habit of making my bed frequently since I posted the list, including re-making it during the day after rests! The last few days I have done quite a few "5 minute room rescues" each day, so at least it is keeping things maintained if nothing else. So that is a start!

I have swapped the weekly home blessing for a simple "weekly tasks" list - makes it easier for the time being not to allocate tasks to particular days of the week. I have also removed laundry from the daily routines.
Here is today's list so far:

Morning routine:

make bed

morning yoga exercises, in four parts:
head turn in one direction, knees in other
knees apart
stomach pumping
nostril breathing


walk or run - have already spent quite a bit of time walking up and
down in the sunshine. It is summer here in Australia, and I am
wearing a skimpy singlet top, trying to tan in the right places for
the dress I will be wearing for my sister's wedding in a couple of
weeks' time. (This was at my mom's suggestion by the way - that kind
of thing never would have occurred to me!)

have breakfast - done

take vitamins - done

clean bathroom

clean toilet

wash face

brush hair - done

check calender

PODA or To Do list

5 min room rescue

15 min trash collection

phone calls - done

Afternoon routine:
Full yoga session with C.D. (if not already done today)
exercise (if not already done enough)
5 min room rescue - done x11
15 min trash collection
start dinner - done

Evening routine:

living room
review checklist
check calender
start PODA or To Do list
see if there is something else I can do ready for tomorrow
things ready by door
start breakfast
clothes for tomorrow
exercise (if not already done enough)
If not already done today, do yoga session with C.D.
brush teeth, clean face
journal or reflection
go to bed at a consistant time
final reflection before falling asleep

Weekly tasks:

change sheets -done
Laundry: in machine - done
laundry: hung out - done
laundry: put away
empty wastepaper baskets
mirrors and doors
water plants
15 mins zone work
shopping - done
pay bills
file papers
clean handbag/backpack/wallet
clean car
advertise business

Perhaps I
will end up gradually extending the number of mins to set the timer
for, so that it will become a longer-than-5-mins "room rescue":)
I am certainly becoming a convert to using the timer! I found on
Tuesday I didn't know where to start with picking things up, so it
was easiest to just set the timer and then hurry to do what I could
before it rang.

Last month I cleared out the hallway cupboard for the purpose of
freeing up more storage space, and yesterday I started putting some
clothes in it as I picked them up off the floor. Not that I will be
likely to always keep clothes in that cupboard, but for the time
being it is a good way of helping me to make a new start, since my
bedroom is such a mess:) I have also started putting some other things besides clothes into the cupboard, so I will soon have to start allocating space in the cupboard for different categories of items:)

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

6:00AM - Hi all

Hi all,

I am new here.....ben trying to Fly on and off for a couple of years now....been having trouble getting it to stick but am trying again.



12:30PM - flylady routines

On Sunday I decided to post my version of Flylady's daily routines (see www.flylady.net): not that I ever do much of it, but perhaps posting it will motivate
me. I have reminded myself that posting it won't put me under any
obligation to do all or even any of it, but it might help me to have
the list and be able write "done" beside things.

Morning routine:

make bed - done

morning yoga exercises, in four parts:
head turn in one direction, knees in other
knees apart
stomach pumping
nostril breathing


walk or run - done

have breakfast - done

take vitamins - done

clean bathroom

clean toilet

wash face

brush hair

laundry in machine

check calender

PODA or To Do list

hang out laundry

5 min room rescue - done

15 min trash collection

Afternoon routine:
Full yoga session with C.D. (if not already done today)
exercise (if not already done enough)
5 min room rescue - done
15 min trash collection.

Evening routine:

living room
review checklist
check calender
start PODA or To Do list
see if there is something else I can do ready for tomorrow
things ready by door
start breakfast
clothes for tomorrow
exercise (if not already done enough)
If not already done today, do yoga session with C.D.
brush teeth, clean face
journal or reflection
go to bed at a consistant time
final reflection before falling asleep

Weekly home blessing
change sheets
empty wastepaper baskets
mirrors and doors

Wow, that should give me a lot of choices from day to day! It did
get me thinking, adjusting the routine to suit me. I have also
reminded myself that I can alter it at any point in time, and that
if I get used to following a regular routine it will probably show
up for me more clearly what patterns and plans suit me best, so that
I will better know what further alterations to make.

One alteration I have made already is to eliminate for the time being the 2 min hot spots, because I tried picking up some junk setting the timer for 2 mins, and it went off so soon that I thought I might as well have set it for 5 mins. There probably aren't really any "hot spots" in my house, as it is all just a big mess.

Friday, December 23, 2005

12:15PM - FLY Radio Feed

Hi everyone,

Just in case anyone is interested, I have created a FLY Radio feed in Livejournal, available at http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=fly_radio

For those of you who don't know what this means; if you add the feed as a friend you will receive a post on your friends page with links to the podcasts of the latest FLY show as soon as it becomes available. This is helpful to me since I predominantly listen to the mp3 versions of the show rather than live. With the links to the mp3s you can either save them to your computer or listen to them in quicktime.

Hope someone gets some use out of it! :)

x-posted to flylady.

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